Applied Fungus Technology

Message of President

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Message of President
Molds - filamentous fungi in the genus Aspergillus - have penetrated into our daily life. Koji mold (mainly Aspergillus oryzae) is used for making Miso (soybean paste), Shoyu (soy sauce) and Sake (rice wine) by growing their fungi on steamed rice with experience of many years and expert skill. The genus Aspergillus is applied to making various enzymes and organic acids. Enzymes, in paticular, are now essential for industrial production of cereal food, detergents, forest products, textiles, animal feed, other foods and beverages. Aspergillus oryzae is so-call National Fungus.
AKITA KONNO has been producing Tane-Koji as starter of Aspergillus since 1910.
Tane-Koji is manufactured by approximately 7 Tane-Koji specialty companies in our country. Tane-Koji business was established in our country a long time ago. AKITA KONNO is the strong one of them.
Now, AKITA KONNO also produces farm products with microbial pesticides and regents.
Our motto is ONKOCHISHIN as "Learn a lesson from the past."
We contribute to applied skills about fungi based on the original microbiological technology.

President : Hiroshi Konno (Ph. D)