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Outline of company


Headquarters 248 Aza Kariwano, Daisen-shi, Akita 019-2112 JAPAN
Tel +81 187 75 1250
President Hiroshi Konno (Ph. D.)
Established 1910 in KYOTO (1943 in AKITA)
Capital 36,000,000 JPY
Fisical term June
Our trading bank Akita bank, Kariwano branch
Mizuho bank, Akita branch
Hokuto bank, Omagari branch
Employee 30 (21 males, 9 females)
Our business
  • Making and selling of Koji, yeast and lactic acid bacteria starters.
  • Making and selling of useful microbial starters.
  • Selling of brewing materials.

  • Headquarters Laboratory

    Tug-of-war in Kariwano, Daisenshi
    (Feb. 10th every year)
    Fireworks in Omagari, Daisenshi
    (Aug. the fourth Saturday every year)

    1877, the Konno were in Kariwano, Akita (in present site of Akita Konno Co., Ltd.) and brewed up soy sauce as the family bussiness.
    Their firstbone son, Seiji Konno, studied at the department of brewing Osaka High Industry School (present school of engineering Osaka University ) and established Konno Co., Ltd. which sold brewing materials with his brothers, Sigezo and Kenkichi in 1910 in Kyoto. 3 years later, they moved to Osaka and had started to make Koji starter by Seiji's direction, then Mikage factory began to work in 1916.

    Producing Koji starter at that time was very primitive but pure cultivation using flask is epoch-marking. After that, the Konno moved to Akita, rice crop fields, to have a factory because of deteriorated circumstances of raw materials by world war Ⅱ. Since 1943, Koji starter for brewing has been made in a part of the Dewatsuru Sake brewery, but headquarters and factory in Osaka were burned for war damage in march 1945. By this reason, new factory was built in Kariwano, Akita prefecture, descendant estate, 1947. And that is continues as Akita Konno Co., Ltd. until now.

    Until that time, we have various hits of white type Koji fungi like white Usami B 11 fungi (Aspergillus usamii mut. shirousamii ) , white Koji (White color mutant Aspergillus oryzae), Sochu white Koji (White color mutant of Aspergillus luchuensis) and so on since black Koji fungi which was pioneer 1952 and success in development of white mutant by γ-ray irradiation against yellow Koji (received Food Industry Enterprise of good stand Recognition the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries award 1997 fisical year).

    Since establishment of our company, we have had a lot of industry-university and industry-academic-government joint reseaches and developments. In those, there are white Koji fungi as stated above, non-dark and non-black pigment Koji fungi , leucine acid high productive Koji fungi (received Tohoku Invention Recognition Invention Exhortation award 1990 fisical year), anti-fungi material "Asperatine". The Institute of Biotechnology Applied to Eumycetes was established by investiment of the Biologic Specific Industry Investigation Promoting Government Organization 1994 and we are making rapid progress as general microbe starter maker.

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