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Concentrated yeasts having various high activity for brewed foods.
Sake yeast
Electron micrograph
Moromi (Main mash)
of Sake
Beer brewing
Sake yeast
For high value-added Sake as Junmai-shu, Ginjo-shu and so on
Sake yeast No.2
Balanced flavor. Good for short-middle term Moromi fermentation.

Sake yeast No.4
This dose not have showy scent but has balanced flavor. Good for middle term Moromi fermentation at low temperature.

Sake yeast No.5
This has mild scent and good for Ginjo-shu. Good for Moromi fermentation in long term at low temperature.

Sake yeast No.12
A few acids are formed. Its foam on Moromi are light and scent of Ginjo is high. Good for Moromi fermentation in short-middle term.

Sake yeast No.21
Balanced flavor. For fluffy Moromi fermentation in short-middle term.

Sake yeast No.32
Low acidity yeast. The majority is isoamyl acetate. For middle-short term Moromi fermentation.

The oldest Sake yeast
S.sake (1987), S. yedo (1909), S. tokyo (1909) Having particular flavor.

Beer yeast
Beer yeast No.1
Strong Barbarian-weizen yeast having grove and banana like flavor.

Beer yeast No.4
This weizen yeast has stronger banana flavor than beer yeast No.1.

Beer yeast No.6
Beer made by this yeast becomes palatable and has malt flavor, dried and sharp Virgem lager yeast.

Beer yeast No.7
Lager yeast for Munchener having common clean-cut flavor.

Beer yeast No.9
Lager yeast having fresh scent, rich and full-bodied taste.

Beer yeast No.11
Soft and clear, common American ale yeast.

Beer yeast No.12
Strong and sharp London ale yeast having a little diacetyl smell.

Beer yeast No.14
High coherent ale yeast having balanced sweety and malt flavor.

Beer yeast No.15
Ale yeast having aromatic and natty flavor. Good filtrating rate.

Beer yeast No.17
Irish style ale yeast having full-bodied taste and fruity scent.
Shochu yeast
Shochu yeast No.1
This has vigorous propagating ability, fast ferment rate and good yield of alcohol.

Shochu yeast No.2
Nystatin tolerance yeast of Shochu yeast No. 1 having characteristic scent component.

Shochu yeast No.5
Mutant of Sake yeast. Mild taste is apt to be got.
Miso & Soy sauce yeast
Miso yeast No.1
This has rapid growth in the beginning of incubation on ferment progress. Having brilliant scent and bright color. Good for tinted Miso.

Miso yeast No.5
This is good for long aged Miso. Strong fermentation under comparatively high salt.

Miso yeast No.7
This is good for red Miso. Balanced color, taste and scent.

Miso yeast No.9
Candida versatilis. For long aged Miso. High aged scent.

Miso yeast No.10
Cndida etchellsii. For long aged Miso. High aged scent.
Bread yeast
Bread yeast No.1
Wild yeast having plain taste

Bread yeast No.2
This can ferment dough containd much suger well

Apple yeast
Wild yeast isolated from apple

Grape yeast
Wild yeast isolated from grape